United Counseling Services – Bennington, VT

This CM project started in mid-November of 2012, and was completed by the end of April, 2013. A tight budget and even a tighter schedule made this project a battle from the beginning, but through a strong value engineering charge as well as bidding out many scopes of work, the drawings on paper became a reality. The scope included the relocating (on a new concrete foundation) of an existing house, and building a large addition (2 level 3,500sf) off of the relocated structure. The existing house was completely gutted for upgrades ranging from electrical, HVAC and insulation to new wall finishes and associated casework. The new addition (frost wall, slab on grade) went up quickly, as Naylor & Breen chose to panelize the walls in a time saving effort through the cold winter temperatures. That decision paid off, as the 2-story shell and trusses were up and enclosed in less than 4 weeks.