CATEGORY: Utility/ Industrial

VELCO Substation Upgrades – Newport, VT

This $2.4 million heavy site and infrastructure project was originally a hard bid; the project has developed into an open book construction management form due to the immense changes to the project scope.

Yard expansion included working around a live 115 KV substation, and entailed mass excavation, fill import, concrete structures and the installation of a new concrete transformer pad. Upgrades to site stormwater, fiber conduits and ground grid were also completed.

Yard expansion was further undertaken to accommodate the new control building. The structure is concrete with metal trusses and panels on the exterior.

The project also consists of decommissioning existing infrastructure, building and fencing within the existing substation.
We have worked closely with VELCO and their other subcontractors on the project, including the critical coordination neces-sary to reroute many existing live lines around the expansion.

CATEGORY: Utility/ Industrial