Naylor & Breen can work with owners as a design-build entity, lending the simplicity of one point of responsibility for design and construction to the relationship. An alliance between owner and design-builder promotes a streamlined, integrated process where the design-build team works in tandem with the owner during all phases of design and construction without the more traditional split between designer and builder, each of whom manage their portion of the process, relying on coordination and consultation between the two.

The results of this collaboration include many benefits, including:
• Increased construction speed
• Lower owner costs in the planning and design phase
• A more condensed schedule
• Coordinated cost control throughout the process

Contact us when considering a new project for an idea of how this type of partnership may be beneficial in your case.

"Working with a professional construction company like Naylor & Breen is a pleasure. This Plymouth residence is the first LEED home that our firm has built. In order to successfully complete the LEED certification process the cooperation and support of an organized firm is essential. In all facets of completing a LEED project, from tracking down sources of local building materials to performance testing the building envelope, Naylor & Breen exceeded expectations."

Byron Haynes

Haynes & Garthwaite Architects